Sunday, 16 August 2015


Well good morning my friends,

As I sit here preparing to begin my next post for my blog I can't help but express what a TRULY AMAZING blessed  morning it is, the heat bugs are buzzing, the sun is shining, my music is playing and I'm sitting outside on the veranda, with my mug of coffee on one side, and my two fur babies curled up on the other side, getting ready to write!!! SIGH.......truly a gifted morning!!! Thank-you my higher power, for I am so grateful!!!!

If I had a dollar for every time someone who new me as a child and young adult said that they had no clue I was going through this journey, I'd be rich!!!!.....ok people, IT WAS A SECRET!! I held within the depths of my soul for the biggest part of my life!  With my granny's words continually playing in my mind!  "Don't share this with anyone, until your sure it's safe"! Those words echoed in my whole body, through my whole life, knowing that to be excepted I had to be careful, so I held back, and tried to not bring attention to no I NEVER shared this with anyone, be it friends or family except my Granny for in her loving arms I was always safe!!!!
To my other family members I was just strange!!!!!!!

And so it continues............

That winter day I walked out from my granny's house, I felt so light, floating and free just like the gentle falling snowflakes falling around me!  By opening the door with my Granny, I felt for the first time in my young life that I was not alone!
I felt with Granny everything would be alright..................

Several days later I had an experience that would show me that my gift could help others!!!!!!Going to bed was still never easy but armed with my Granny's strength I knew I could be strong.  
That night they came, and I remember wanting so bad to revert to my old way of pulling the blankets over my head.  To you all, if the truth be told, I did pull those blankets over me but this time I peaked, and there right next to my bed was a man with a Big smile on his face......., his mouth moving and that crazy buzzing sound was all I heard so I swallowed and said "please talk slower because I can understand"!  And miracle of miracles I heard him clearly...............and I recognized him.  He was a neighbour who had always been disabled, having epileptic seizures but would do odd jobs around the community, (mowing lawns and cleaning yards)!  I will not use his name due to respect of family!  
But I finally could hear clearly, and what he said was,  " YOU HAVE TO GO TO MY  SISTER AND TELL HER TO GO IN THE BASEMENT OF THE HOUSE, LOOK NEXT TO THE SIXTH BEAM"!  Well let me tell you that my reaction to his request was instant, I said I couldn't because I was afraid! He told me to ask my GRANNY!  
Next day their I went, I told Granny the whole story and she said nothing for the longest time!  Then she took my hand and said that this was not about me and I had to go to his sister house and tell her or he would not leave me alone!  
To express how I felt in words can't come close to explaining the fear and need to run from this!! I could actually Taste it!!!!
But GRANNY asked GOD to give me strength and sent me off! 
The walk their was not even 10 minutes but it felt like forever, imagine a 8 or 9 year old walking with this on her shoulders, sigh......but I did it.  Her front door finally was in front of me and I took a deep breath and knocked.  I could hear her foot steps coming to the door and all I could think of was RUN!!! 
The door opened and there she stood, smiling and telling me to come in but I said "NO", I then blurted out that I had seen her brother last night and that he wanted me to tell her to go in the basement and look for the sixth beam and she would find something very important.......well she of course looked shocked and didn't seem to take me serious! So I took her hand and pulled her outdoors and we walked to the basement doors! She opened them and proceeded to walk down into the darkness.  Within a few seconds I heard the sound of her pulling the string to put the light on! 
Then I heard her counting the beams and the catch in her breath! Next thing she was walking up the stone steps with something in her hand!

It was an OLD RUSTED TIN CAN......

Standing next to me, she pulled on the cover and with some effort it opened...everything spilled out,
And to both our surprise it was money, more money then I ever saw!  Well she just sat there and cried!!!! I thought I had hurt her in some way, but she said no and gave me a hug I will never forget!! 
Standing behind her was her brother, smiling from ear to ear! HE WORDED From his mouth THANK-YOU!and was gone like a puff of wind!!!

After helping pick up all the money we went into the kitchen and she counted it and when she was done she said that it was a miracle,  the big bank people were going to take her house and now she could keep it!!! As a child I didn't quite understand what that meant but I knew it was bad and finding this money made it good! 
She wanted to call my parents to tell them, I panicked and begged her to say nothing, she agreed and pressed $10.00 in my hand!i told her no it was not mine and gave it back!

Walking back home I, in my little girl mind finally knew that I had done good..  These "SEE THROUGH PEOPLE" may not be such a bad thing!

Looking back as an adult I realize that this was the moment I found some peace in being me!!! 

Her brother never came to my bed again, I guess I had finished his unfinished business!  But believe me there would be many more SEE THROUGH PEOPLE to come for help!!!

But that's another story!!!!!

Blessings to all

Saturday, 15 August 2015


As I sit here, I can't help but think of how all this may sound to someone who would not have experienced this in there life!  
To believe or NOT to believe is the question, yet I was given NO choice, this was my life and I can't explain why me, other then being told by my GRANNY that on this earth there are those individuals that have a unique LIGHT switch that was put on at birth or after a traumatic experience and others that have no clue that it even exist in them, never to be switched on because you can't just decide to have this..........and in her words " IT WAS MEANT TO BE"!


I cried that day in my Granny's kitchen, in her safe arms she allowed me to let it all out without judgements or interruptions, it flowed,  the helplessness, the fear, the feeling of sadness, and the soul pain of feeling like I never belonged it just poured out from my little girl body like a unplugged River in the safe keeping of my guardian angel, my granny but it was to be the beginning of exceptence of my lot in life!  
When the tears stops, my granny smiled her smile and with a twinkle in her eyes she said now let's talk, and talk we sure did!  She told me that what we spoke of would NEVER BE TOLD TO OUR FAMILY, and that was alright! It would be our secret and she then began to explain how important it was to never talk of this in school or to the outside people because the world was not ready yet......but in time it would be excepted so I had to be patient!  
I told her that the SEE THROUGH PEOPLE CAME AT NIGHT an stood around my bed, their mouths moving but all I heard was that awfull high pitch buzz!  She smiled and said I had to tell THEM to slow down and tell me what they wanted! Well let me tell you I will never forget the fear that came upon me, omg that meant I had to get out from under the blankets and I had to talk to THEM.......In my granny's way she said "Yes you have to because they will never stop until you fined out what they want"!  Holy Hannah, all I could think of was NO I CAN'T!  She said imagine if you were in a room with people and only one person could see you but they couldn't hear your words, wouldn't You be sad?  She hugged me and said that every night I should ask GOD TO SURROUND ME WITH LIGHT AND LOVE!  That this would protect me from all EVIL!  She then washed my face gave me a cookie and milk, like nothing had happened! When I was done she put my snow suit on, hugged me and told me"your not alone" and with that she patted my head and sent me home!  There would be many talks in the days and years to come, some easy some hard but all full of wisdom and love!!!!!

But that's to come.......
Blessings to all

Thursday, 13 August 2015

It continues............

Last night As I wrote my first post on my very first Blog, I was not sure if I was ready for this, to fully disclose my journey, my life for the world to read!  Because for a very long time this was my secret.  A secret that I only shared within the boundaries of my control!  Always careful to not stick out or bring attention to myself... To be honest it was a lot more scary to open this door, then dealing with people that have passed  or spirits needing direction, but after today and the amazing love of the people who took the time to read it, I truly know from the bottom of my heart that this is part of my duty and yes my destiny!!! For what is a life if not shared honestly in its entirety!  So I thank-you all for the warm and heartfelt messages of encouragement.....bless you!!

And so it continues.............

As a child of 7 years old, I realized very quickly that this was NOT the norm!  These "See true figures"continued to make an L shape around my bed!!!  Sometimes there was 3 but most time it was 6 or 7 of THEM! 
I was in my twin bed knowing they would come and I felt helpless! So I found a way to feel some kind of security!  I would get in bed which was next to the wall with my sisters bed along side mine and I would wait a few minutes and then I would yell for my dad, he would come and I would say that my legs hurt.  You see if he was in the room they would not come and I would beg my dad to rub my legs and pray I would fall asleep before he was done.  And there were times I actually did fall asleep but most time I didn't and he would tuck me in and leave!  

I usually FELT THEM before I saw THEM so I would wait till my sister was asleep and carry her to my bed, putting her on the outside with me tucked safe against the wall!!!  Hoping and praying that they would take her instead of me!!! Obviously THEY never did, I know....not very sisterly on my part but you have to understand she NEVER saw them or felt was just me!  I heard that buzzing sound and saw them...  So I did what I had to do to survive...
this continued for several years......
And only Until our later years as adults did she realize she never walked in her sleep as a child, because that's what I always told her!! She slept like a rock and I would pull her out of her bed laying her next to me and she had no clue..... 

The day that things finally made sense was on a cold winters day.  I remember it so well because I was outside alone, the snow was glistening in the late afternoon sun, my breath was making foggy mist in front of me and my Granny Tracy saw me and called me in!  You see God, or the Universe what ever you want to call it knew that I would need not only loving grandparents but they were my Godparents as well! 
There house was next door to ours so going to my grannies was a daily occurrence but this time was different, some how she knew and I felt it!  
Sitting at the kitchen table, my granny Took my hand and said words that will forever hold me in a warm safe blanket of love!  She said "I know, I know you see them but so do I"!  I lost it and cried from the depth of my soul and she held me for what seemed like hours whispering "it's ok now, your not alone anymore"! At that moment everything in me changed! 
Never let anyone tell you that there isn't strength in numbers.... 
I was not alone!!! I was not alone!!! I was not alone!!! Oh how I treasured those words.....
My life changed that day, my secret was finally out and my granny understood....and because of her and her gentle loving faith filled soul my journey took a turn, one that would give me the tools I needed to live with this...
My granny was a gift, one I to this day will treasure forever....... 
She kept my secret but our time together was never to be the same because under her wing I was able to finally see how I could help Them.....
But that's another part of my story to which I will continue tomorrow........

Blessings to you all

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My journey in being a Redneck Psychic

Well here I am, about to embark on a new journey! Blogging, who would of thought it!
Me, a middle age, redneck, fairly intelligent, plump,  and somewhat weird but sensible woman, who lives a life most would never imagine or even understand!  My life bares a resemblance to one of those second rate B movies!!!!  Yet it is real, an full and at this point a life I wouldn't trade for the world!
I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a Psychic, a Spiritual Reader, a clairvoyant, a Medium, a Energy reader, a Spiritual councillor, a Spiritual Artist, an Empath,  and a Nature loving Redneck hippie!
I Am all these labels and much more!  I am flesh and blood, I am a woman who finally embraces herself as someone who has walked a long journey with no manual to guide her! But most of all I am a child of God!


 I remember the exact time I realized I was NOT like everyone, a little girl at the young age of 7, I had my first experience of seeing what I called "see through people"!  Their mouths were moving but all I could hear was a high pitch buzzing sound!  Scared would not even come close to expressing my emotions!  I screamed and hid under my blankets! Innocently asking God for afraid to look or make a sound!  My sister yelling for our father and hearing him coming into our room!  Feeling his hand on top of my head asking "what's wrong"!   Being told I was having a nightmare, and to go to sleep!!! But sleep did not come, and to this day I finally do sleep well because I am no longer afraid!!!!!