Tuesday, 15 September 2015


The last few weeks have been so busy, with doing the TV show and the Wharf Rat Rally, it seemed like I did not have a moment to breath let alone sit long enough to write.....What an adventure it has been!!!!  One that I will share with all of you as soon as I am able................

I am sooo Grateful!

Thank you my God!!!

Although a little tired but happy to being finally back, I have to tell you all the truth I really missed sitting down to write and allowing myself to remembering the past......sigh....

Its so amazing to me when I think of how much FEAR I had to even begin this journey in the first place and yet here I am, getting ready to write my fifth post on my blog...

I hear my GRANNY TRACY'S loving gentle voice echoing in my mind as it always seemed to do when that four letter word came through and stirred up doubt in my life! (and there were many)

she would say:



 so here I go......

He walked with shuffling feet, a tall slim lanky man, slightly bent at the waist with the burden of 78 years of a full life lived on his shoulders.  I do not know what he did for a living, or what adventures he had experienced only that he was the one an only person I had ever come across, that had been born on the same day as I............
November 28, was my birthday and so it was for him..........
My neighbor across the street,  who walked every day, past my house.  If by chance I would be outside, he would wave and I would walk with him for a while. He always told me I was special because we had the same birthday and that I was a little light.  
He was a soft spoken man with a twinkle in his eyes and always a story to tell.  But what was really important to me now as I look back was that he spoke of his wife who had died many years prior and when he would, oh how I would feel this deep sadness come over him.......He'd  say she had gone home and hopefully he would be going soon so he could be with her........
he would put his finger to his lips and whisper shhhhhh its only for our ears and with a wink he would turn the corner to his driveway and I would turn to mine..............  
Sadly time continued to pass and as sure as the sun rose he would take his walk and I began to see a very dark HAT LIKE shape about a couple of feet on top of his head.  He never acted different except for talking less on our walks................. 
This confused and sadden me, so I went to ask Granny Tracy what it was? She was as confused as I was, this Hat was something she had never experienced so she told me to pray and ask to be made aware.  In her words  "You Ask and it Shall be Answered", and that's exactly what I did, that night I closed my eyes and asked for an answer to this mystery of "THE HAT"

About several weeks later I had a dream.......In it was Alcide (the old man) and a glowing lady that was telling him that it was not his time yet........as much as he may be ready, he had to stay a lot longer!  I saw him leave in my dream and the lady then seem to see me and then said "Little one You Can See The Darkness above his head, the closer it gets to the head the sooner he will be going Home".  
Next morning I went to Granny Tracy's house and told her what I had dreamt and she said that "THE HAT" was the way I could tell when someone were going to die.  And The Lady would be there to help me if I asked!  She was special and full of white light.  Anything she told me would always be the truth. 
And boy was my Granny right.................................

For many years I walked with Alcide, up an down his driveway!  And in those years THE HAT began to come down closer and closer to his head! I told him and he would say "I know, soon real soon I hope" then he would put his finger to his mouth and say Shhhhhh.  
In the years that followed I told my Granny many times what I saw with Alcide and she would say "It is not in our hands to change what is to come" and pat my head.   But there came a time when Alcide didn't walk as often, and I grew up.  But the feeling never changed, and as the year past and I would see him, his HAT got closer and closer to his head.......

Two weeks after my last walk with Alcide, I dreamt that he had come to me to tell me goodbye.  He thanked me for walking with him and he told me to never forget that I was a special light.....

Almost 10 years from the time I saw The Lady in my dreams, on July 20, 1978 at the age of 89 he decided he had waited long enough and walked for the last time behind his home into the ocean and went finally home.  

The Sadness I felt when I learned of his fate was so deep, yet I was old enough to understand that he was finally where he had always wanted to be. HOME

I can't begin to tell you how much I detested the ability to see that dam HAT, yet like every other part of this journey, I had NO choice.  I see it on everyone who is getting near, by being ill, old or in danger. 

I now get the benefit of knowing there are some who have "THE HAT" that I can help by telling them to take care of a health issue or a dangerous situation.  Thank God!!!  As The Lady in my dreams had said 
"It was given to me as my tool to see how long a person would have among us and to use to help "
Which brings us to the next post in my Blog;

...........And so it continues..................


with love and light


  1. Very interesting story! I always wondered how one could tell how much longer one has to live!

  2. I left a message on your voicemail earlier. Can you contact me at 902-365-2227?

    Thank-you, Margo Woodworth

  3. My parents love the ralley...my mother in law helped me purge cloths and i hide a shirt my daughter wore as a nightdress from the Warfe Rat Rally....Born to be bad! Any how love your experiences, this hat story breaks my heart, I would have hated that hat too!
    I am not psychic, but I have had experiences all my life I wonder about now!I do believe things happen for a reason, I do believe I may have had help finding the Mi'kmaq heritage in my family by spirit...IDK?!! I think I have a budgie bird spirit who follows me...My old buddie Hunnie Bird.
    I would love to meet with you but I don't want you to see a hat...unless it's to help!
    Weather is beautiful today in NS have a great day!