Saturday, 15 August 2015


As I sit here, I can't help but think of how all this may sound to someone who would not have experienced this in there life!  
To believe or NOT to believe is the question, yet I was given NO choice, this was my life and I can't explain why me, other then being told by my GRANNY that on this earth there are those individuals that have a unique LIGHT switch that was put on at birth or after a traumatic experience and others that have no clue that it even exist in them, never to be switched on because you can't just decide to have this..........and in her words " IT WAS MEANT TO BE"!


I cried that day in my Granny's kitchen, in her safe arms she allowed me to let it all out without judgements or interruptions, it flowed,  the helplessness, the fear, the feeling of sadness, and the soul pain of feeling like I never belonged it just poured out from my little girl body like a unplugged River in the safe keeping of my guardian angel, my granny but it was to be the beginning of exceptence of my lot in life!  
When the tears stops, my granny smiled her smile and with a twinkle in her eyes she said now let's talk, and talk we sure did!  She told me that what we spoke of would NEVER BE TOLD TO OUR FAMILY, and that was alright! It would be our secret and she then began to explain how important it was to never talk of this in school or to the outside people because the world was not ready yet......but in time it would be excepted so I had to be patient!  
I told her that the SEE THROUGH PEOPLE CAME AT NIGHT an stood around my bed, their mouths moving but all I heard was that awfull high pitch buzz!  She smiled and said I had to tell THEM to slow down and tell me what they wanted! Well let me tell you I will never forget the fear that came upon me, omg that meant I had to get out from under the blankets and I had to talk to THEM.......In my granny's way she said "Yes you have to because they will never stop until you fined out what they want"!  Holy Hannah, all I could think of was NO I CAN'T!  She said imagine if you were in a room with people and only one person could see you but they couldn't hear your words, wouldn't You be sad?  She hugged me and said that every night I should ask GOD TO SURROUND ME WITH LIGHT AND LOVE!  That this would protect me from all EVIL!  She then washed my face gave me a cookie and milk, like nothing had happened! When I was done she put my snow suit on, hugged me and told me"your not alone" and with that she patted my head and sent me home!  There would be many talks in the days and years to come, some easy some hard but all full of wisdom and love!!!!!

But that's to come.......
Blessings to all

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  1. I enjoy reading all of your blogs Kelley. An awesome way of sharing a part of you and your experiences. I admire how your grandmother supported you throughout.