Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My journey in being a Redneck Psychic

Well here I am, about to embark on a new journey! Blogging, who would of thought it!
Me, a middle age, redneck, fairly intelligent, plump,  and somewhat weird but sensible woman, who lives a life most would never imagine or even understand!  My life bares a resemblance to one of those second rate B movies!!!!  Yet it is real, an full and at this point a life I wouldn't trade for the world!
I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a Psychic, a Spiritual Reader, a clairvoyant, a Medium, a Energy reader, a Spiritual councillor, a Spiritual Artist, an Empath,  and a Nature loving Redneck hippie!
I Am all these labels and much more!  I am flesh and blood, I am a woman who finally embraces herself as someone who has walked a long journey with no manual to guide her! But most of all I am a child of God!


 I remember the exact time I realized I was NOT like everyone, a little girl at the young age of 7, I had my first experience of seeing what I called "see through people"!  Their mouths were moving but all I could hear was a high pitch buzzing sound!  Scared would not even come close to expressing my emotions!  I screamed and hid under my blankets! Innocently asking God for afraid to look or make a sound!  My sister yelling for our father and hearing him coming into our room!  Feeling his hand on top of my head asking "what's wrong"!   Being told I was having a nightmare, and to go to sleep!!! But sleep did not come, and to this day I finally do sleep well because I am no longer afraid!!!!!


  1. Awesome to see your first blog, Kelley. Getting to hear the stories of your experiences is a peek into a world that most people never see. Stories bring understanding that labels do not. Keep blogging, mon amie.

  2. So pleased that you are sharing your journey in this complex world we live in. I look forward to reading them all, happy blogging!

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