Sunday, 16 August 2015


Well good morning my friends,

As I sit here preparing to begin my next post for my blog I can't help but express what a TRULY AMAZING blessed  morning it is, the heat bugs are buzzing, the sun is shining, my music is playing and I'm sitting outside on the veranda, with my mug of coffee on one side, and my two fur babies curled up on the other side, getting ready to write!!! SIGH.......truly a gifted morning!!! Thank-you my higher power, for I am so grateful!!!!

If I had a dollar for every time someone who new me as a child and young adult said that they had no clue I was going through this journey, I'd be rich!!!!.....ok people, IT WAS A SECRET!! I held within the depths of my soul for the biggest part of my life!  With my granny's words continually playing in my mind!  "Don't share this with anyone, until your sure it's safe"! Those words echoed in my whole body, through my whole life, knowing that to be excepted I had to be careful, so I held back, and tried to not bring attention to no I NEVER shared this with anyone, be it friends or family except my Granny for in her loving arms I was always safe!!!!
To my other family members I was just strange!!!!!!!

And so it continues............

That winter day I walked out from my granny's house, I felt so light, floating and free just like the gentle falling snowflakes falling around me!  By opening the door with my Granny, I felt for the first time in my young life that I was not alone!
I felt with Granny everything would be alright..................

Several days later I had an experience that would show me that my gift could help others!!!!!!Going to bed was still never easy but armed with my Granny's strength I knew I could be strong.  
That night they came, and I remember wanting so bad to revert to my old way of pulling the blankets over my head.  To you all, if the truth be told, I did pull those blankets over me but this time I peaked, and there right next to my bed was a man with a Big smile on his face......., his mouth moving and that crazy buzzing sound was all I heard so I swallowed and said "please talk slower because I can understand"!  And miracle of miracles I heard him clearly...............and I recognized him.  He was a neighbour who had always been disabled, having epileptic seizures but would do odd jobs around the community, (mowing lawns and cleaning yards)!  I will not use his name due to respect of family!  
But I finally could hear clearly, and what he said was,  " YOU HAVE TO GO TO MY  SISTER AND TELL HER TO GO IN THE BASEMENT OF THE HOUSE, LOOK NEXT TO THE SIXTH BEAM"!  Well let me tell you that my reaction to his request was instant, I said I couldn't because I was afraid! He told me to ask my GRANNY!  
Next day their I went, I told Granny the whole story and she said nothing for the longest time!  Then she took my hand and said that this was not about me and I had to go to his sister house and tell her or he would not leave me alone!  
To express how I felt in words can't come close to explaining the fear and need to run from this!! I could actually Taste it!!!!
But GRANNY asked GOD to give me strength and sent me off! 
The walk their was not even 10 minutes but it felt like forever, imagine a 8 or 9 year old walking with this on her shoulders, sigh......but I did it.  Her front door finally was in front of me and I took a deep breath and knocked.  I could hear her foot steps coming to the door and all I could think of was RUN!!! 
The door opened and there she stood, smiling and telling me to come in but I said "NO", I then blurted out that I had seen her brother last night and that he wanted me to tell her to go in the basement and look for the sixth beam and she would find something very important.......well she of course looked shocked and didn't seem to take me serious! So I took her hand and pulled her outdoors and we walked to the basement doors! She opened them and proceeded to walk down into the darkness.  Within a few seconds I heard the sound of her pulling the string to put the light on! 
Then I heard her counting the beams and the catch in her breath! Next thing she was walking up the stone steps with something in her hand!

It was an OLD RUSTED TIN CAN......

Standing next to me, she pulled on the cover and with some effort it opened...everything spilled out,
And to both our surprise it was money, more money then I ever saw!  Well she just sat there and cried!!!! I thought I had hurt her in some way, but she said no and gave me a hug I will never forget!! 
Standing behind her was her brother, smiling from ear to ear! HE WORDED From his mouth THANK-YOU!and was gone like a puff of wind!!!

After helping pick up all the money we went into the kitchen and she counted it and when she was done she said that it was a miracle,  the big bank people were going to take her house and now she could keep it!!! As a child I didn't quite understand what that meant but I knew it was bad and finding this money made it good! 
She wanted to call my parents to tell them, I panicked and begged her to say nothing, she agreed and pressed $10.00 in my hand!i told her no it was not mine and gave it back!

Walking back home I, in my little girl mind finally knew that I had done good..  These "SEE THROUGH PEOPLE" may not be such a bad thing!

Looking back as an adult I realize that this was the moment I found some peace in being me!!! 

Her brother never came to my bed again, I guess I had finished his unfinished business!  But believe me there would be many more SEE THROUGH PEOPLE to come for help!!!

But that's another story!!!!!

Blessings to all


  1. What a touching story. You were so brave in spite of your fear and you really made a difference that day. I'm glad you shared it.

  2. Love your stories can't wait to meet you....I feel as tho were supposed to:)

  3. time for some more updates :)